Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This weekend, I turned what I thought was a failed project into the world’s largest swatch – all in preparation for getting back on that horse and tackling the project all over again. I need to ride this wave while I can.
This is my version of the Big Dotty cushion from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I started it three years ago and made way too much progress before realizing that it was about 3” too narrow. So I threw it in a box. This weekend, I dragged it out and weighed it – 180 grams. Then I weighed the linen yarn I still had left over from the project – over 600 grams. I had plenty to start all over. I had thought that I’d have to cannibalize the first attempt to have enough yarn for the second, but since that clearly wasn’t the case, I bound off what I had, threw it in the washer, and blocked it. Very inspiring and motivating – it blocked out so nice and smooth. I might use this “swatch” to make a pillow or something.
I’ve made about 6 inches of progress on the new version already, and, although the dots on the new version seem slightly larger, I think it will pull in nicely once I’ve washed it and blocked it. I’m really happy that I was able to get back to this and that I have enough yarn to complete it. I can now remove those embarrassing zzz’s that have been floating over the icon in Ravelry!
cakeIn other news, my local men’s knitting group (Guys in Austin With Yarn in Ravelry) celebrated its first anniversary this week. One of the guys made some de-lish cupcakes and the shop that hosted this week’s meeting brought a delicious cake as well. It was so thoughtful. I always get a kick out of knitting with these guys – a diverse group of very talented knitters and crocheters. Here’s to  more good times knitting, crocheting and laughing together. And to more cake! Plus we had a visitor from San Antonio, Dino Foxx, who is involved with the yarn-bombing Yarn Dawgz of San Antonio. He’s a nice guy and his group does the coolest stuff. If you’ve seen that Prius commercial, he’s the guy in the hayloft.


  1. Kudos to you for pulling out a hibernating work and getting it back on track. My track record of that behavior is not so good. And I still love the dotty piano bench cover!

  2. wow! I'm impressed that you're starting all over!