Monday, August 22, 2011

Deliciously Dizzy

I worked like crazy on my Chocolate Spiral Socks over the weekend, and finished them up yesterday. After much turning and turning, I think they’ve come ‘round right.

I didn’t add the heel until after totally completing the rest of the second sock. Since I knew how big it needed to be, I didn’t need to fiddle with the length of the foot as I did for the first sock. All in all, I think they turned out great. My only real regret is that I didn’t do the toes in the same contrasting solid brown yarn as the heels. I supposed I could chop the toes out and put some in, but I’ll leave them alone for right now. I’m going to do contrasting heels and toes for the next pair I make – I think it will look cool. What I like about contrasting heels and toes is that no one can see them when you’re wearing shoes. It’s a weird thing to get thrilled over, but sock knitters will understand, I’m sure.

I can really recommend afterthought heels. It’s a good technique if you’re worried that you don’t have enough sock yarn for your project.  They’re also perfect for when you don’t want to interrupt a pattern of self-striping yarn. That wasn’t the case with this yarn, but you can still see it works fine. Having the decrease lines running diagonally from the heel to the instep looks unusual, but I can’t feel it. I’m also surprised how seamlessly the two yarns work together, even though they consist of different fiber combinations. 

When I got in my car today to leave work, the thermometer registered 112. By the time I got home, things had cooled down to a balmy 109. I took these pictures quickly on the front porch and got back inside before all this delicious chocolate melted away.

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  1. Could the universe be telling you to visit PA? We had sunny skies and high in the upper 70s today. Bliss!

    Your socks look great. Sock secrets make me giggle, too. :)