Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birds in the Hand

A long-sleeping project was roused from its slumbers this week and completed. Lately, it seems I’ve been tackling Lazarus projects left and right. This week, I worked on and finished the February Woodland Winter Mittens.

These are the second pair I’ve knit from the kit of six patterns from Knit Picks. I finished the January ones back in February, and I’ve finished the February ones here in August. Not a great track record, but I did get them finished. As I was finishing them up, Jeff’s sister came by to visit, so I asked her to try them on. She really liked them, so they’re hers. She seems really excited to have them and even agreed to model them outdoors on this day when it’s predicted to reach 108° outside. Texas women are tough!

I’m not really sure why these languished for so long. I just kind of lost interest. Of the six patterns, I’d have to say this is probably number 5 on my list of pattern preference. I think it’s the colors more than anything else – a bit bright for me! But upcoming patterns fall more along my palette preferences, so maybe the pace will pick up. I realize I don’t have to make ALL the mittens in the kit, but I kind of want to.

I cast on for a third pair (March) this morning, but since the cuffs on all of these look the same, there’s not much point in a picture right now. However, I’m motivated to bring back yet another purgatorial project. More on that next time…

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  1. Pretty! And just a little bright! Mittens seem like a good project to work on when it's 108 out -- they're tiny!