Saturday, September 03, 2011

Knitting on the Road

This weekend, we’re visiting my in-laws’ in the north Texas town of Granbury. I had a hankering to visit a yarn shop, but, since Dot’s closed several years ago, I’ve had to drive to Fort Worth – which has at least one great yarn store. But I didn’t want to roam that far afield.

alpacasSo I plugged yarn into Yelp!, and ran across Artèfactz on the square right here in Granbury. It’s one of those shops  that does a lot of things – from art glass to baby clothes, but the whole upstairs is dedicated to the fiber arts, with an especially local spin on things. Apparently, the area is crawling with alpacas and those who love their fibers, as this little tableau attests. There were examples of hand-spun alpaca in the store, and even some hanks of Buffalo Gold from nearby Burleson. And, for such a small space, there was an amazing variety of yarn, books and other knitting accoutrement.

locallyI bought some heathered Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine sock yarn in a colorway called Peat Mix, because you can’t ever have enough green sock yarn. Not exactly local, but in the spirit of things. The shop owner told me that Artèfactz was part of an association of arts groups and stores that do demonstrations on the square in the evening on the last Saturday of each month. She’s says a lot of spinners show up and the fiber fairly flies around the square.

Looks like we picked the wrong weekend to come to Granbury. I’ll definitely be sticking my head in the door on future visits.

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  1. Wow, I'm so glad you found this little gem! Sometimes yarn can be found in the most interesting of places. I got some great yarn in a shop called "Smith's Furnishings" in Oberlin, OH, once.

    And also, I succumbed to Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine when out of town once (Manhattan, KS) - but I got a different green called Pea Soup mix. Mine's a little brighter than yours, but they would definitely play well together.