Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Places, Everyone!

I can finally put this project to rest. All eight of the Twill Stitch Placemats are now complete. I finished the last two, made of the leftover ends of the original three balls, in the past week since we’ve returned from our vacation. The last of the Espresso-colored ones came up an inch short, but I’m okay with that.

We’ve been using some of these as I finished them, and they’re working well. They are stretching a bit with use – which is a good thing, in my opinion, although I haven’t yet tried washing any of them. That’s coming up soon, because we’ve already had a few spills.

In these pictures, I’m using some cool crystal goblets with stars on them from the early 60s that we got from Jeff’s parents. They were given to her by a friend, and she passed them on to us. The set has iced tea glasses, water goblets, wine glasses, sherbet cups and cordial glasses. We’ll have to come up with a fancy dinner that includes all of those some day.

The dishes were my paternal grandparents’. My grandmother hadn’t wanted to mess with fancy china, but my grandfather insisted that they get some while they were stationed in post-war Germany. In the end, I think she was glad that they did. I know I am. That wheat pattern never fails to make me think of Thanksgiving -- which is still several hot months away.

A placemat for everything, and everything on its placemat!


  1. You set a fine table, boyfriend - a far cry from mine, which is pocked and markered. When my boys grow older, I'll get a new table, perhaps!

  2. wow, that's Martha Stewart worthy! So chic!