Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who's Got the Button(s)?

I do. Today, after knitting with friends in the morning, I went to Silk Road Fabrics to buy some buttons for some long-languishing projects. Snowden came to help me, for which I'm very grateful. She has an excellent eye for such things, good taste, and, if you're looking for someone to paw through a bucket of 1940s Mississippi River shell buttons, she's your gal. Thanks, Snowden!

After looking at some cool matte metalic buttons shaped like Mongol shields, and some nice rounded rectangle buttons that faded ever so slightly from dark to light, I chose these translucent metal-edged buttons for the Whitfield Jacket. I like how the lines across the button could be used to parallel the vertical lines of the jacket. And, the semi-see-through nature of them allows the darkness of the yarn behind to peep through. It was hard to decide, though.

For the Samantha Dress, I went with these pinkish translucent buttons with little purple dots on them. At first I was a little leery of mixing purple and pink, but they work for some reason. Very feminine. As Buddy Cole responded when accused by the lesbian softball team he managed of designing uniforms that were too "girly": "As if anything can be!"

So now it's on to sewing these on. I'm no quite ready for buttons on the Whitfied Jacket, but I'm going to try and tackle these with Samantha this afternoon. Snowden walked me through her version of doing so, an illustration of which I found here.

I placed them on the garments just to see what kind of what they'll look like. Wish me luck!


  1. I adore the Whitfield buttons. I'll have to think about whether I need buttons before visiting in December....