Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chairman of the Board

As of today, I'm the proud owner of a brand spankin' new Sew E-Z Board, direct from the Ohio Table Pad Company. I love that name. So regional, so descriptive, so down to earth. All they do is table pads, darn it -- and they do 'em right.

I'm really looking forward to doing some blocking on this thing with my new steamer. Having the board marked out in little square inches will make blocking to the proper dimensions a breeze. Or so I expect. Now no more excuses for not getting Whitfield blocked and sewn up. Well, I'm sure I can come up with some, but I can't blame it on lack of a good blocking surface. I think my days of blocking on the guest room floor with beach towels may be numbered. Yay.

While in Tulsa at my conference, we had an event at the Philbrook Museum of Art. A highlight of my week was getting to stroll through the grounds and getting to enjoy the gorgeous gardens -- still quite colorful as the landscape slipped into fall. They even had a few cotton plants tucked into a little corner with their puffy bolls still attached. Yours truly spent a little too much time eating and dancing to enjoy any of the indoor art, but I do hope that I'll get a chance to visit again. If you ever get to Tulsa, go there -- if for no other reason than to see the building and the gardens. They are splendid.


  1. I missed the cotton! But the gardens were beautiful, weren't they? And I did see some of the art - it was really impressive!

    I have considered buying a blocking board from the folks in Ohio several times, and have talked myself out of it. Let us know if it's really that much better than beach towels (or old quilts) on the floor....

  2. I can't wait to see how Whitfield looks blocked - and the blocking board is a great idea.