Sunday, October 11, 2009


Several actually. I spent a big chunk of this damp and drizzly day finishing the seams and hems on the Samantha Dress. The hems are made with a clever construction. Eyelets along the bottom form the center of the fold, such that when the hem is sewn, the eyelets form little jags across the bottom. The jaggedy edges along the bottom hem (shown here) are broader than the ones at the neck and at the sleeves, because I misread the directions earlier. Still, it doesn't look nearly as Wilma Flintstone-y as I'd feared.

But it took a lot of time. I wish I'd been smart like Julia and knitted the hems together as I went up. It would have saved a lot of time. But by the time I remembered, I was halfway up the dress.

Now all I have left to do is get some buttons and sew them on. The word on the knitting street is that Silk Road Fabrics is the place to take care of this in Austin. I've never been there before, and sadly for me, it's closed on Sunday. So I plan on making a trip there soon for buttons for both Samantha and Whitfield. I'd also like to wash this dress to make sure it doesn't fall apart during the process. If something bad happens, I'd rather it happen to me than to the recipients.

I dug up my Cordovan socks for some knitting Saturday morning, and ran into an awkward moment when I couldn't remember the simple 4-stitch motif from the Charade sock pattern. It's one of those things that I could do in my sleep several weeks ago when I put this down, but Saturday morning all I could do was stare at it. Weird how that works. I used my phone to get to the pattern and had to laugh at the simple steps that had slipped my mind.


  1. The dress is beautiful!

    Isn't it funny when you forget things like this? Good thing the pattern was online, and not something you made up!

  2. Nice dress! That jagged-y edge is technically called a picot edge. I don't get the Wilma Flintstone reference - please 'splain.

    Looking forward to seeing Charade again. I haven't worn my green zebra version yet.