Sunday, November 01, 2009

Samantha Shipped

Not exactly. But almost.

Yesterday afternoon, as planned, I sewed on the buttons that I'd purchased earlier in the day. It went fine. Then, in the evening, I thought I'd run it through the washer just to make sure that the buttons didn't fall off and all the seams didn't undo themselves, which I was quite certain would happen. These disasters, miraculously, did not occur, so I think all system are go. I was also pleased to see that it did not shrink. I laid it out on the blocking board to let it dry overnight.

Today, Jeff and I went shopping and bought a gift box, some tissue paper, some gift wrap and a shipping box to make sure this was all done up right. All that's left to do is talk to my aunt to find out here to send this little outfit for her first great-granddaughter, and then run by the post office to send it on its way.

I'm very pleased with how this turned out and I can highly recommend this pattern. I'm pleased with how it turned out in cotton, but I'm going to try superwash wool the next time. It really doesn't take that long to knit up and the instructions are very clear. You do have to pay attention in a few places, but that's what makes this interesting. If there's a little girl that you need to make something for you, you really ought to consider this.

I can't wait to see some pictures of how it looks on my little first cousin, twice removed! When I get some, I'll be sure to share.


  1. Stephen, the sweater is adorable! Great job! I'm sure the little girl's mom is going to love it (and the little girl of course!)...

  2. That's going to be someone's favorite thing to wear. I have NO doubts.

  3. Hi Steven, sorry it took soooo long to send a picture of the dress on Whitney. Here is the URL to the picture.

    (The bear was a Christmas gift from her Uncle Bradley. It's bigger than I am.)