Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Got (Clang) (Clang) Sssssssteam Heat!

Come on union, get hot!

Wearying of waiting for handknits to dry from full-on Baptist total immersion blocking, and not happy with my iron's ability to spew hot water vapor, I ordered a Bissell Steam Shot steamer -- and it arrived today. I'd gotten a recommendation from my good friend over at Very Pink, but the model she recommended was harder to find and this seemed like a good alternative. It comes with more attachments than a backsliding Buddhist. Can't wait to give it a try on the Whitfield Jacket.

Oh my word. I've just turned into one of those Youtube haul video people!


  1. You know that thing can double as a milk steamer for a nice latte, don't you?

  2. OOh, best captcha ever -- dedrot.

  3. OMG - I have the title-of-your-post song stuck in my head now! I might need to play me a little Pajama Game soundtrack today.

    Does it come with a flat attachment with a terrycloth shower cap cover thing? Wow, that made no sense.

    You're going to love having that. Now we just need to get you a blocking board.

  4. Can't wait to hear how you like using it - I didn't know you could use steamers to block....

    Love the Pajama Game - I listened to the soundtrack a million times growing up