Friday, January 05, 2007

Blanket & Sock Update

After a flurry of posting around the change of years, I had to take a breather. I've been visiting with friends, running errands, and watching lots of guilty pleasures on TV. I love knitting to some old 1940s movie on TCM. The dialogue is fast and funny, the plots unbelievably weird, and you can tune it out if you want to.

I've been working on the baby blanket, which is quickly taking on afghan proportions. I went to Hill Country Weavers yesterday to get one more ball of each color, luckily in the same dye lots. They had just done year-end inventory and were having their big beginning of the year sale. Having just gone there with Janelle last week, and having my hands full with projects, I wasn't in the mood for shopping I guess. Shocking, no? The place was swamped. People were dropping big bucks there to get the savings. I got to play with Stella, the store dog, which is always a treat.

The picture above links to the photo at Flickr, where I've added notes about what style of block will go in which position. Because I didn't want to get myself in the picture reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall, I took this picture upside down. I think I got all the blocks in the right position, though. I'll try and flip it around for the next update. As you can see, I'm going to have a lot of sewing to do...

I've also had a bit of a chance to work on the Cedar Sock I started right before Christmas. I took it with me to work on at the New Year's Eve party that the college gang tries to get together for every year. Janelle and I were able to squeeze in a little sock knitting time while we socialized.

The sock is turning out well, although the slip-stitch ribbing really squeezes the calf together. These socks should have no trouble staying up. And if they're too tight, I could always donate them to a hospital for use in deep vein thrombosis prevention. Notice how the cuff of the sock is torquing to the right? I'm not sure if that's from my tight knitting, the way the yarn was plied, or some combination of the two.


  1. Maybe you can find a DVT patient with a twist in their leg! (What can I say? It's after 5:00 on Friday and I'm still at work.....)

    I love the blanket!

  2. That's so funny, Janna!

    I bet there's a market out there!

  3. I love the Flickr photo including the dog and dog bone. Very clever!

  4. Every time I get the camera out, Silas has to wander into the frame. He's a bit of a ham.

  5. 14 out of 30 squares done - you are almost halfway there. Your knitting speed is inspiring.

    I finished my Whitby socks just before leaving Georgetown, by the way, but the Jaywalkers I started on the way home are crawling along...

  6. I'm trying to get as much done before heading back to work tomorrow. I know things will slow WAY down then. Today, I looked at my pile of squares (I've got 20 now!) and sighed at the thought of weaving in all those ends. So I did that during my coffee this afternoon. It wasn't all that bad. I'll do them as I go along for the final stretch.

    Man, I hope these all line up. My big fear is that it will be all pulled and puckery. We'll see. Oh, and the other fear is whether I'll be able to get one whole side onto a set of circular needles in order to knit the edging. Maybe an excuse to buy new circular needles?...

    Glad to hear you got home safely! We miss you guys already.

  7. I think Janelle is about to start a pair of those socks for me, using some of her new Socks that Rock!!

  8. Awesome! I'll post a picture of it on my foot once I've got the first one finished. They should have no problem staying up, that's for sure.