Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sherbet Baby Blanket

While Janelle was here, we went to Hill Country Weavers. I'd been wanting to make a baby blanket for some friends who are expecting in February. The pattern I picked out called for some pastel-ish blue, green and yellow yarn, but we decided that these bright sherbet-y colors would be cooler. As Janelle said, "Why knit a baby blanket for a girl when you can knit one for a girrrl?" Amen.

The pattern also uses an acrylic/wool blend. I've saddled a few parents with lovely wool blankets that are of dubious usability. Who wants to go to all the trouble of hand washing something every time it gets spit up, pooped, or peed on? So this time I'm going for practicability. The pattern called for each square to be 6". But I didn't want to buy new needles, so mine are 8" square. It doesn't exactly look that way in the picture since some of them curl a bit on the edges.

The blanket calls for 30 squares knit in 6 patterns arranged in a 5x6 grid with an added border. Three of the patterns are knit 6 times and three are knit 4 times. The finished project should be something like 42" by 50". That's a lot of knitting, but each of the patterns is pretty easy, and I'm hoping I can get a lot done before I have to head back to work.


  1. These colors look so fabulous together! Maybe I need to have another baby just so I can get an Uncle Steven baby blanket.... Hmmm. That's a lot of work for a blanket. Maybe not!

    Thanks for a great visit. I loved Hill Country Weavers and can't wait to try my new sock yarn - both the stuff I bought, and the stuff we dyed.

  2. Steven (& Janelle!)

    You've done some fabulous holiday work, here! So, could Kool-Aid dying be a fun project with the girls? I think they'd dig dying their own sock yarn...

    Happy New Year!

  3. Definitely! The girls would get a big kick out of it. And Janelle would be able to offer some expert advice -- like using big cups and not little cups! Glad you liked it -- it was a lot of fun.