Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

But I hope you'll be nice and cozy wrapped up in this. Of course, when you get here in February, it will probably be 80 degrees again.

Man, I whizzed through this project -- thanks to the days off due to the recent icy weather. I'm not sure if this semester will ever get started.

I did have a few stumbling (ahem) blocks on this project. See my previous post about having problems figuring out how to seam it up. And dropping a stitch in one of the garter stitch border rows and not noticing until I'd already bound off -- there's no fix for that but unbinding. Of course it was way at the end of the row.

Oh, and there are four garter stitch squares -- the only pattern that was reversible -- and I got two of them in backwards. I may have been breaking the laws of knitting, but at least I was following the law of averages. Didn't notice until I was nearly done and I could see the woven in ends poking out on the right side. I fixed that by unweaving the ends after I was done, poking them through the blanket, and reweaving them on the other side.

I hope the little bundle of joy and her mommies are going to be pleased with this.

As usual, more pictures are available at the Flickr site linked on the right. Thanks for all the support! And now, I'm going to get cranking on those cedar socks again...


  1. I love it! What's the pattern called? (And I'm sort of used to hanging around the house all day, too. However, I suspect we'll be back at work tomorrow even if we get more ice tonight!)

  2. It's called "Textured Blocks Throw," designed by Sandi Prosser. It's on page 85 of "Baby Blankets Two" -- one of those small white Vogue Knitting-on-the-Go books.

    I bought it about a year ago in Granbury at a little yarn shop called Dot's, which, sadly, is now out of business. It was part of my regular routine to stop by there when we were visiting my in-laws. But I see these little books all over the place.

    This sounds nuts, but I'm actually going a little stir crazy with cabin fever around here. I'm sort of looking forward to getting to go to work tomorrow!

  3. Who wouldn't love a blanket like that??!!! It's absolutely beautiful!

  4. Your blanket looks fabulous!

  5. That is one cool baby blanket. And I love the colors so much. And I really love the drips of ice in the background! So it seems like the entire country is experiencing snow and ice except us. We're going to make it through the winter with less snow than Austin Texas at this rate. But I am pleased to think that you and Jeff can wear your wool items without feeling silly!