Saturday, January 20, 2007

Burning Cedar

One down, one to go -- the curse of the sock knitter.

I finally got a chance to finish up one of the cedar socks I started on Christmas Eve. Now that the baby blanket is done, I can devote more time to this. Im still not comfortable with having more than one project going at a time -- I'm trying to reform, but I've never been a very good multi-tasker.

I'm very pleased with how this sock is going. It has a few hiccups -- a laddered section where I should have ripped back rather than trying to salvage the stitch with a crochet hook, a split bit of fiber on a slipped stitch that really stands out, and having to frog back the toe halfway after losing track during the Kitchener stitch on the toe -- but nothing major.

As usual, click on the Cedar Socks link on the right to get more pictures of my progress, including my vastly improved ability to pick up and knit along the edge of a heel flap. Thanks, Sharon & Janelle, for this wonderful birthday present. I've really enjoyed knitting with this. I don't think there is a color that is more "me."

Silas approves. I guess that's what really counts.


  1. At last, the sock. Is that your sexy foot? I hadn't expected the sock on your foot, however ....

    Uncle C

  2. You're so naughty, Uncle C.!