Saturday, January 27, 2007

Da Bomb

Last night I cast on for a pair of socks using the Bomb Pop colorway of sock yarn that I accidentally invented back in December. Not accidental in that I just splashed something on some yarn, but accidental in that I didn't come anywhere close to the colors in my head. I was thinking purple and two shades of dark blue. This didn't happen. Instead I got blood red, peacock blue and powder blue. Plus pink in the areas where I didn't get the yarn in the pot in time to soak up all the dye. Plus some white parts that didn't get dyed at all.

I'm using Sensational Knitted Socks for the pattern again, this time using a four-stitch pattern called Baby Cable Rib. It seems appropriate for the color. I'm already thinking that the chances of me wearing socks like this are slim to none, so I may not go through with it. We'll see. I worked on these at the knitter's meetup this morning and people seemed to like them. Someone suggested that I dye over the whole thing with some other color after I'm done to tone things down into the murky color palette that I dwell in. I might try that.

I dyed the red parts in 12" sections, thinking that this would wrap around the sock several times, making nice wide stripes. It turns out that the red stripes make it around once and then maybe a third of a round again. Overall, the stripes are much narrower than I imagined. The overall effect is more dainty than I would like.

When I got home, I decided to split the ball into two even sections so that I wouldn't get carried away and not leave enough of the yarn for the second sock. I got close -- 1.6 ounces on one side and 1.8 on the other. 50g (half of the 100g ball) equals approximately 1.76 ounces. Our little electronic kitchen scale doesn't carry out to two decimal points. Does anyone have any ideas for a good scale for yarn purposes -- something that does both metric and U.S. customary units?


  1. Oh, com on! They'll just peek out from under your pants -- most people probably won't even notice them. Of course, those who do will be surprised!

  2. Geez -- that was supposed to be "come on!" I was pleased that I realized I had misspelled "peek" (I did have "peak"), but didn't notice the lack of an e....

  3. Hah! That cracks me up. Because I have finally learned to spell-check all my entries before posting, otherwise I'm going back every two minutes to re-spell or re-word something. Unfortunately it doesn't always work with comments!

  4. I like the overdye idea. (Do you still need to overdye the cutting board we accidentally splatted with Kool-Aid?)

    This look like something you niece would love - maybe you should embrace the dainty and knit little girl socks! You could get a couple of girl-sized pairs out of that yarn and donate one to the Dulaan Project or something.

  5. We gave that cutting board to Ed for Christmas -- I wonder if he's noticed?

    Overnight, these sock started growing on me. We'll see. I like the idea of donating a pair to the Dulaan Project. I'm sure they'd take adult socks, no?

    I'm thinking of mixing greens and purples and baking another batch of sock yarn this afternoon!

  6. Ok, I know I am biased because: 1) I love wacky-ass socks, 2) I was there when you dyed these, 3) the fact that they are named after a popsickle is too cool, and 3) I think you need you need to loosen up -- but keep them as they are wear! wear the Bomb iwth pride!

  7. Okay, okay. I'll keep at it. You've all convinced me. How can I not wear sock yarn named after a cool delicious treat?