Sunday, June 03, 2012

Over the Shoulders

The patterning on the Hillhead Slipover is done, and the shoulders have been bound off.

This is such a clever design. The shoulders are bound off using 3-needles -- nothing too strange there -- but, if done correctly, the pattern flows over the shoulders. I know this, because I managed to drop a stitch during one of the shoulders, and thus was off by one stitch on one side, breaking the pattern. It was a major pain to undo those bound off stitches and get them back on the needles to start over, but it had to be done.

I'm so happy to have all the hard parts done. Now comes the fun part -- snip, snip, snip! You can see the front steek for the v-neck pretty clearly in this photo. Don't you want to just attack it with a pair of scissors? So, the three steeks need to be cut, then the edging added to the armholes and neck opening -- similar to that which is at the waist, but not as wide. Then a bunch of soaking and blocking. There's a riot of yarn ends on the inside that must also be cut, but weaving in won't be necessary, since they're at the beginnings and ends of rounds, hidden in the left armhole steek.

If you've been following events, you'll know that the additional yarn I needed for the vest arrived this week. And, the beads I needed to continue with the Christmas balls showed up, too. Way more than I'll probably ever use, in fact. I was able to knit the two patterns from the chapter called The choir of angels, from left to right, Angel and Harp. Heavenly!




  1. Love how the shoulders meet up in pattern! So cool.

  2. Your sweater is just beautiful! Kudos for going back and correcting that slipped stitch too.

  3. I can't wait to see how you style this sweater!