Thursday, June 14, 2012

Christmas Balls Video

My friend Staci over at Very Pink has recently posted another of her very helpful and well-produced knitting instructional videos. I always watch her videos, even if they cover something I think I already know how to do. There's always something new to learn.

This week's video is about adding beads to knitting, and as an example, Staci used the Christmas Balls I had finished so far for the shoot. They look crisp, clear, and quite a bit larger. Maybe the camera does add a few ounces, as they say? I especially like how the red and white are both so contrasty and visible and true-to-color, and how they still pop against the white background.


My favorite part of the video is when she pushes them all away -- it looks like they weigh a ton! Thanks Staci (and Parker) for making my knitting look so good!



  1. No, thank YOU for letting me borrow them for the video!

  2. Your Christmas balls look GREAT and the technique is now crystal clear. Great video!

  3. thanks for sharing. i should try knitting my julekuler with the beads too!