Sunday, June 17, 2012

Got My Best Vest

Long time readers might get the Gypsy reference in today's blog post title, in addition to the one that's in this blog's subtitle. Or maybe not -- it's kind of obscure. "Paris silk! Harris tweed! There's only one thing I need!" (A clip from the otherwise dreadful 1962 version is available at TCM).

And that's to wait for this thing to dry, because right now, the Hillhead Slipover is done and blocking! I knuckled down and cut the armhole steeks, knit the armhole edgings, and then overstitched and trimmed the steek edges -- all in the last few days.

I wasn't sure about the stitching and trimming. I just wanted to be done, and as I learned with the Vaila Slipover, it's not necessary. But it does reduce the bulk around the openings and makes it look neater on the inside. I'll post a picture later once it's dry. I skipped Ann Feitelson's instructions to baste some thread around the neck opening and draw it in to neaten the edges during blocking. My edges look good enough, I think.

Modeling shots to come...



  1. BRAVO! Well Done!

  2. It looks fantastic! Congratulations1

  3. That's fantabulous! I am a fan of Fair Isle, but due to time constraint and my 18 month old nephew always around me, I stick to stripes or better single color projects.
    That looks sooooooooooo awesome, Steven!

  4. YAY! How beautiful. I have a delightful puppy that would look very good against that sweater...until she decided it looked tasty!