Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Round

It's pretty much where I'm living my knitting life these days.

I took a bit of a break from knitting rounds on the sweater to add to my other round(ish) project, the Christmas Balls. I hadn't completed one in nearly a month! Good thing I'm ahead of schedule. This one, number 25 in the series, is called Falling Star and is knit in two double panels rather than the usual four single panels. I bedazzled the heck out of it and ran out of red beads in the middle. I was also running low on fiber fill, so I stocked up on all that this weekend. The bag of fill I'd been using was one I purchased years ago and thought I'd never use up. Hah!

I did get more done on the vest this week, although progress seems slow as I'm working. When I grab a photo at the end of the week, I can see that I've added to it. It's one of those projects where it's helpful to look at small goals rather than the "big picture" while working. At the same time, I'm starting to notice that the flow of colors looks better at a distance. Up close, one doesn't get that blending and shading effect that gradually shifts across tones and hues. Rather, while knitting, it's as if I'm staring at small sections of Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte. I'm not comparing my work to his (as if!), but you get the idea.

I also worked on one more round thing this week, but it's a gift, so I won't be blogging about it or posting any pictures until it's been given. Shhhh.



  1. Absolutly beautiful. Your work is very inspiring for me.

  2. You are an away. xo.