Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hillhead vs. Vaila

I've finished the 99 rounds required in the Hillhead Slipover pattern before starting the armhole steeks. But am I really done with the main part of the body? Alas, no.

I decided to put it side-by-side with my previous Ann Feitleson-designed vest to compare. The Vaila Slipover has always been just short enough to be annoying. I really wish I'd added just another inch or so. As you can see here, the Hillhead is already a bit longer. The Hillhead pattern calls for more rounds in both the ribbing and the body - a total of about a dozen more all together. Clicking on the photo should take you to Flickr where I've added some notes explaining a bit more.

But I'm thinking of going a few more rounds, as pugilistic as that sounds. I'm pretty sure I have the yarn for it, and I'd rather it be a bit long than to be constantly tugging it down, like I find myself doing with the Vaila Slipover. Most of my height manifests itself between my shoulders and hips -- I have the same inseam measurement as my brother who is a few inches shorter than me. So I'm thinking that even though I've reached this milestone, I'll go 28 more rounds before throwing in the towel. Thoughts?

Ding, ding!




  1. Yes, good choice. I'll cross my fingers that you have the yarn for it!

  2. Knit more! You'll be happier in the end and prove that you're still learning. :)

  3. take one down, pass it around...a hundred rows on your knitted vest! Yes, go longer.


  4. Me, too -- knit on! I'll send positive thoughts about having enough yarn!

  5. to mix a metaphor....go long!!