Saturday, April 07, 2012

Light, Dark, Light, Dark...

Not much to report -- still working on the Hillhead Slipover. I hope to get a lot done this weekend. So far, I've completed a little over one 28-round band. For the large size, I need to knit 3-and-a-half bands before starting the armhole steeks. Still a ways to go, but the pattern is filling out and thus getting easier to follow.

I find when working with the pattern that it helps to come up with a Morse Code in my head for each round, replacing the dits and the dahs with light and dark. Each pattern section is 32 stitches wide, in four primary sections, two of which are the same, interspersed with the two others that differ. These, in turn, can be grouped into 16 stitches, which are made by adding up two odd-numbered sections. Hard to explain, but there is a symmetry here that is very satisfying and soothing.

Just had to come up for air for a bit. Back at it...

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