Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good to the Last Drop

Do you remember the old coffee commercial in which the insecure housewife, noticing how her husband enthuses over a friend's delicious coffee, muses to herself, "Funny, he never asks for a second cup at home..."? My problem wasn't the second, it was the first. And because this is a knitting blog, I'm talking about socks, not cups of coffee. But you probably figured that out already.

I started these socks back in April, but set them aside as other projects filled my brain and hands. I uncovered them while digging through my knitting basket, horrified that I'd neglected them so long. The yarn was hand dyed by my good friend Steph (see her Spinning Colors logo in the sidebar) in a colorway called Morning Roast. I love all of these rich brown, tan and copper colors all swirling around each other. Oddly calming for something named after a substance known for it's jitter-inducing qualities.

The pattern is a simple 4x2 rib, starting with 72 stitches cast on, knitted from the top down. The heel is a basic slipped stitch heel with a 3-stitch garter border to make picking up the gusset stitches easy. I knitted one on DPNs and the other using magic loop, but I don't feel much difference between the two. I'm not sure why that happened, but it's probably because I was using my size 0 circular for something else (another pair of socks) when I started these. It all began so long ago.

Thanks, Steph, for the great yarn with the great dye-job. You have a such a great eye for color! I'll definitely be getting some more.

Next up, I've just got started on another pair of felted clogs, a long-promised pair for Jeff for which I've had the yarn for well over a year. And a sweater is in the planning stages for Jeff, too, inspired by Caro's recently completed E-Z seamless hybrid sweater - Raveler's can see it here. Yarn has been ordered, colors have been discussed.

And now, it's coffee break time!


  1. Very nice socks - love the heel and a great colorway!

  2. For brown socks, those are very colorful! I love them!

  3. "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:/Its loveliness increases; it will never/Pass into nothingness; but still will keep/A bower quiet for us, and a sleep/Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing." ~~ John Keats

    Lovely, lovely socks..... :)