Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm making much faster progress on this pair of felted clogs than I did on the previous pair I made. I remember thinking while making the previous pair that the instructions were awfully hard to follow, but I'm not having any difficulties this time. It's one of those patterns in which, rather than instructing the knitter to "knit to the marker..." or something like that, the exact numbers of stitches for each size are dictate, line by line. I suppose this is the most efficient way to write this pattern out and make it understandable, but it still bugs me a bit. But not as much as last time.

Here is the obligatory foot-in-the-prefelted-clog shot that seem to always accompany the making of these clogs, modeled by Jeff. I think he's going to like them, and they're going to be ready way before his birthday next month.

I only started these on Sunday, and, as of this sunshiny Thanksgiving morning, I have all but the second sole on the second clog to finish -- and then it's into the wash. Last night I completed 75% of the second clog, while watching a little TV and chatting with the in-laws, while my memories of my first go-round with this pattern involved lots of quiet alone time with the pattern and several moments of intense frustration.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Day and can find plenty to be thankful for. In a few moments, we'll be heading over to my sister's house for a huge meal with her family, some of her in-laws, my in-laws, and my brother's family. I can't wait for some delicious food and some serious niece/nephew time.

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  1. I love this pattern! Are you going to sew little leather bits on the bottom of the soles?