Friday, January 09, 2009


I've finished the back of the Perfectly Plain Vest. As you can see, it's, well, plain. But I love it. It's lighter than air and extremely soft. I don't even mind the little flyaway fibers of alpaca-ness. And I got gauge right off the bat -- and I kept it. Still don't know what's up with the size. The pattern has instructions for sizes S, M, L, XL, 1X and 2X, and by measurement, I'm making the M. I am not, nor have I ever been, M. In the meantime, I am knitting and crossing my fingers (figuratively -- it's not very productive to try and knit while one's fingers are crossed).

As you may have noticed the "Blue Tiger Socks" have disappeared from the "On Needles" section to the right. Long, complicated story, the gist of which is I knit the business end of these two socks about six weeks apart. There are 10 (or, "J") measurements in this pattern -- Coriolis sock knitters will know what I mean. I didn't write down a one of them. A few I remembered, but many I didn't. I figured I'd get the same numbers if I just remeasured all my parts and re-did the calculations. Right? Wrong. I ended up with two socks of very different sizes, neither of which fit well.

I don't blame the designer. I'm a little put out with the editor or whoever made the decision to make a book from which one can't knit a garment without flipping to dozens of different locations to get numbers, methods, etc. But the fault lies with me. I should have done the little class sock from the front of the book (as advised by the author!) in order to fix the "big picture" in my brain. And I should have written down the measurements. Ravelry projects have a notes section for each project where I could have written these numbers down. Note to Self -- remember Notes.

We will not speak of this again. I've got some frogging to do.


  1. The vest looks great - what a great color! Sorry to hear about the socks - I've done that, and I know its not fun to frog two finished socks...

  2. We will not speak of this again. :)