Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boy Hat

I wanted to make me a boy hat, but I'm not a boy. My apologies to Book of Love -- I couldn't resist. That dang song was going through my head the whole time I was knitting this thing. Meg made one for her boy, and it looked so great I thought I'd try my hand. I think I like the striping of Meg's hat better than what I came up with, but overall I'm pleased.

I bought the yarn Sunday, and that night I had it finished. Except it was a tad too short. I have one those heads on which tube-shaped object either fit fine around the back of the head and the brows, or around the ears, but not both at the same time. It was just too short to cover my ears, so I frogged it back to where the decreases started, added an inch, and then re-knit. I finished it last night.

And none too soon. I woke up to 64 degree weather, but it's since turned nasty. In typical Texas overreaction to frozen participation, I'm thinking the college might even be closed in the morning.

No worries. I'll be warm.

[Post scriptum 1/28/09 -- College open as usual. I was wrong!]


  1. that is very manly, Steven. And we get your head again...even though you are messing with us on the angle. :-)

  2. If I have to go to work at the usual time tomorrow, I'm going to be pissed!

  3. Nice hat. Hey, we have yet another snow storm up here. Don't know where we are putting all the snow.

    Love the quickie projects.

  4. We are having our second snow day in a row! Well, the school kids are. College is open as usual. I skated down the sidewalk this morning. Your hat would fit in here.

  5. OK, so I had closed down my computer for the night to knit a little bit when I had a flash of pure genius. OK, its not genius, but it was an inspired moment for me. So, at the risk of sounding like a total keener knitting noob...

    I was looking at the inaugural photos of your relative and I saw out brand new president sporting a very manly and handsome scarf loosely inside of his coat. And I thought, "this would be perfect for Jeff! Even the color is sophisticated and manly!"

    So, there you go. You need to knit a brick red handsomw scarf for Jeff to wear on his daily regal walks to where ever he is going.