Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pink Bananas

I know some of you are going to need to sit down. Comfy? Good. Yesterday, I bought the sock yarn you see to the right. I'll give you a moment to recover.

It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Pink Blossom." Yes, that's right -- your monitor is functioning correctly. If your eyes aren't hurting, you're not human. The chorus I sing with is presenting its Sweetheart Cabaret next month, and I want to make a pair of socks to donate to the silent auction fund raiser that we hold that evening. I'm thinking of using a free pattern I found through Ravelry, True Love Socks. Totally unlike anything I would normally make, but totally appropriate for the event. I'm sure that some philanthropic soul that evening will be willing to help out the chorus for the privilege of having these lace numbers on her ( or his?) feet!

Also, just for kicks, here is a picture of a dessert that Jeff and I are only minutes away from digging into. It's a Banana Cream Layer Cake, a recipe in the EatingWell Comfort Food Made Healthy cookbook that Jeff got for Christmas. The house smells wonderfully banana-y, and it's not all that bad for you at only 300 calories per slice.

Assuming you're going to eat only one slice...


  1. That dessert looks fabulous. The pink is really cute. Since having my daughter I have become used to can grow on you slowly. Good luck with the socks.

  2. Are you surprised to learn that I have that exact same yarn in my stash? ;-) I've been waiting for the perfect pattern for it, so maybe I'll check out the one you're going to use. And the cake looks yummy!

  3. One slice of cake?

    Oh, you must mean once slice of cake at a time... and one more slice of cake... and one more.

    Because otherwise that just makes no sense!

  4. What constitutes a slice? Uncle C

  5. Oh - I cannot WAIT to see you wearing those socks. Freakin' awesome.
    That cake looks so good!

  6. Love the yarn - the socks are going to be so pretty!

    The dessert looks so good - we get Eating Well magazine, and have always like the recipes....