Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For a long time, I've been obsessed with the idea of gloves. Not as obsessed as MadTV's Dot here, but keen nonetheless. They look awfully complicated -- like socks with toes, but with all the increasing and decreasing in different places. Recently, pattern and yarn plopped themselves in my lap and I got to work.

I'm using a pattern called Men's Heavy Gloves, a 1945 Beehive pattern reprinted in Retro Knits. It calls for DK weight yarn, but I recently fell into some chocolaty Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (see previous post), and I thought it might work on bigger needles. So far, things are looking good. The body of the glove has a cool texture that appeals to me.

I did have some problems in the space after the thumb hole is done but before the fingers are started. The instructions read "P1, CO 4 sts, sl next 16..." And my poor feeble brain read CO to mean "Cast off." Of course, this made no sense in context, but I couldn't see that this meant "Cast on" for the longest time. I haven't made that many patterns that cast on in the middle of the work, and it just wouldn't compute. You should have seen the weirdness that resulted. I tried five or six times, not understanding how the mess I was making could become wearable. Finally, it clicked.

Unlike the nice quiet bamboo needles. It's been a long time since I've used dpns, and I'm enjoying it. Just wish I had some slightly shorter ones for the fingers. It's hard to juggle all that wood around 16 little stitches.


  1. So far so good! I'm sure you'll have the first one done in time for knitting, right?

  2. They are looking great so far!

    I had to laugh - I've met you once when Franklin was at the Nest and have followed your blog since then. (No, you wouldn't know me from Eve if we passed each other on the street.) Then last night, I had a dream with you in it. We were sitting at a conference (who knows what the subject was!) and knitting while the speaker was going on and on. I kept trying to get your attention and say hi, but you never seemed to acknowledge that you had seen me. As I was walking out, you came up to me and said, "You know, I met you at the 1000 Knitters Shoot and you won't even say Hi to me now. What's up with that??" I was hemming and hawing about how I had - and then I woke up. Confused about why I had a dream about you at all - but I had to share anyway. Hope to see you at the Ravelry party next month. We're driving down from Dallas for the day. Should be lots of fun!

    (HappyTexan on Ravelry)

  3. These look really good! dpns do come in different lengths, and I always seem to have the wrong ones. I have the short ones you want here, but in size 8 - yuck.

  4. I've made mittens, but never gloves -- all the fingers intimidate me -- so I'll be watching your progess!

  5. Those look great! I have done mittens, but not gloves because I hate doing the thumb on mittens because of the DPN hassle...