Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Pop Socks

If you look in the sidebar to the right, you'll see I have only one thing on the needles -- the Bomb Pop Socks. For newer readers, a bit of history:

Back in December of 2006, my dear friends Sharon and Janelle and their boys were visiting us. We decided to try our hands at dying with Kool-Aid, and one of the "colorways" I created was dubbed Bomb Pop. Much indecision and frustration ensued, mostly surrounding finding a design that will work well with this rather striking striping. I haven't touched these in a year.

Above are the two "things" that have crept ever downward in my knitting basket over the past year. The one one the left is a completed sock, knit in the baby cable rib from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. Too busy for this yarn. The one on the right is a slightly over halfway done toe-up sock with no ribbing. Too many stitches cast on, and thus too big. So I'm seeking a compromise. I ripped out the toe-up sock and started on what you see here.

Now I'm doing toe-up again, but this time with a 2x2 ribbing and four fewer stitches around. I think this is going to work better and not be so hard on the eyes.

I'm determined to get these knit up. Thanks, Sharon, for encouraging me to tackle them again!


  1. I love the striping! These socks are going to look great...and you'll have the sentimental value of dying them to remember.

    Is the KoolAid dying usually pretty colorfast?

  2. damn...we just took them to the aquarium and played Boowa and Kwala on their last visit...I see I am going to have to think more creatively when they come to visit next...

  3. Socks looks really cool! GREAT JOB!