Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Do You Need a Lozenge?

When I first read the name of this pattern, I thought, "Lozenge? A lozenge is oval-shaped, like a cough drop, right?" I didn't realize it had an older meaning, referring to a diamond (or rhomboid) shape in general. Diamond shapes in heraldry are called lozenges and are usually associated with coats of arms granted to women.

The different positions of animals in heraldry all have different descriptions -- rampant, for instance, means standing on one rear leg, all others raised. Regardant refers to looking over a shoulder. Statant means standing on all four feet. In the picture above, I was lying on my back and taking a picture upwards. I can't find what that would be called, so let's imagine a coat of arms for this pair of socks -- Knitter Supinant, Lozenge-Clad.

I can't believe I started these on Christmas Eve. They took forever. I basically abandoned them while working on the sweater, and got back to them with a vengeance one I was freed up. I like the pattern. The yarn is a little rough. And stupidly, I ran out of yarn on the second sock. It's two rows shorter than the other. But you can't tell when they're on my feet. I did take some pictures of these, but they don't look so good off the hoof. Some socks only look good on your feet.

I feel kind of edgy. I have nothing on the needles right now -- unless you count the long-languishing Bomb Pop Socks. I kind of forgot about those...


  1. Finish the Bomb Pops!!! I love them!

  2. Thank you for the brief moment in history.
    No, really! I love learning about stuff like that.
    The socks are very regal looking Steven. :)

  3. Steven~

    I also didnt know the name of story about!
    Really cool to know!

    Love does socks!