Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knitting on the Road

Yarn Barn of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


  1. omg! The YARN BARN! I've never been, but of course they always have that megabooth at MD S&W. I think that may have been where I was bitten by the bug. The first time I went to S&W, I wasn't a knitter. But I was overcome with love for the yarn and everything I saw. S found me in the Yarn Barn booth, clutching a book about teaching kids to knit and some needles. She snorted and said "you're not going to learn to knit?!?" I didn't buy the stuff that day.

    But... I sure showed her.

  2. Hey, that's Bev Galeskas' Felted Clogs pattern!

    That's a great pattern!!!

  3. OMG~
    I JUST GOT MY Yarn Barn CATALOG yesterday..Iam So JEALOUS fro you!
    So did you bought anything?