Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Slump

In the Spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love -- and gardening, and generally being outdoors. Unfortunately this not-so-young man can't seem to turn his thoughts to knitting. It appears in my annual springtime knitting slump.

I hardly knit a stitch this week -- or last -- until this morning. I've been working on the somewhat complicated Spiegel socks, but I hit a mental block. I know I needed to think it through by walking away from it a bit. The problem revolved around stitch counts and the locations of some shaping. It seemed to work. The break let me look at this project with fresh eyes and I think I'm back on track.

This is unlike any pattern I've knit before. The heel flap is about half as long as most, and the heel is turned without shaping. It's quite square -- but then, so are my heels. There is no real gusset shaping, so it's almost like knitting a bent tube, keeping the same stitch circumference throughout. I'm really liking how the caduceus shape at the top splits and then twists across the instep toward the toes. I just need to remember to go in the opposite direction for the left sock.

As part of an effort to get out of my knitting (and blogging) doldrums, I'm planning on participating in Eskimimi's 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. Each day, bloggers are given a theme to blog about. I found out about this via Tony at Bonito Club. It's a do-able challenge, and one that I hope shakes me up a bit. Start looking for posts on Monday.



  1. I am in a REAL blogging slump - it's been almost 2 months, I think! I do keep 'writing' posts in my head - I just never actually put them up! Maybe I should do the daily blogging thing next week....

  2. I look forward to your posts next week!

    Isn't it weird to knit a sock with different construction when you can dash off a vanilla sock without a pattern?

  3. Oh my that sock is wonderful! That detail is so interesting but up on the leg where it resides doesn't make the sock too "too". (I never knew the name of that symbol before - I must try to work that into conversation in the next couple of weeks to retain it!)

    Blogging slumps are indeed tough to climb out of. Your comments over at mine have been a great help to me on that front!