Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCBW Day 2: Mascot Project

On day two of this exercise, I am to come up with a mascot project, one that epitomizes the house into which I've been sorted. The project I've chosen to represent manatee-ness is the Grettir yoked sweater designed by Jared Flood.

To me, this design fits into the manatee theme in several ways. First of all, one of the colorways in the sample photos (see right) is fairly gray-intensive, with Shelter colors like Sweatshirt, Soot and Cast Iron. Also, it's a mix of comfortable techniques that I've done before -- in-the-round seamless construction, stranded knitting, sleeves joined at the armpit -- there won't be too many surprises there. I'll be making the crewneck version.

It does have something new for me. I've never done a yoked sweater. I've done raglan-style construction, but never a sweater where the decreases for the pattern are evenly placed around a yoke. And, in another first, this will be the first adult sweater I've ever made for someone else.

I am planning to make it for my brother. I was talking to him yesterday, discussing his family's upcoming move to Germany for a few years. He's taking German language classes at his local community college, and really looking forward to being over there with his wife and kids. I don't get to talk to him enough, and I'm going to miss him while he's over there, although Jeff and I are planning a visit or two. My brother and I are as different as night and day personality-wise, and we've certainly had our clashes growing up, but he's one of the most centered and steady people I know. We share a lot of interests, like history and hiking and there's never any doubt that I can turn to him for anything. I want to make this for him to keep him warm while he's away.

While we were talking yesterday, I casually brought up jacket sizes so I know what size to make -- I'd guessed it already. Are manatees psychic? Probably.


  1. Oh what a great choice! After all if a Manatee where to wear any style of sweater it would have to be one with yoke-style - its the only kind that would work with their "shoulders"!

    Plus that pattern is such a classic. Your lucky brother will wear it forever. Just what you want in a knitted gift.

  2. What a fabulous project! Will you be using those colors exactly?

    I am also considering a sweater made from Shelter...

  3. I think this sweater is much more suited to your brother than to an actual manatee! ;-)

  4. That sweater will look amazing, cannot wait to see it in progress! I have a pattern for an aran pullover with a colourwork yoke all done in neutrals which looks lovely.