Thursday, April 25, 2013

KCBW Day 4: Color Review

Today's assignment is to consider my thoughts on color, and then take a look at the evidence.

I've probably already let the cat out of the bag when I discussed signing up with Team Manatee. I like deep, dark colors. Gray, brown and green are probably my favorites. I don't dislike other colors, really, it's just that these are the ones that draw me in. I like all their subtle shades, and how dark colors work well with heathering. I also like stitch patterns and cables using dark colors -- they may not pop as much, but I like that you might not see the detailing at first glance, and then it slowly appears. Simplicity rather than flash -- the way of the manatee.

In looking at past projects, this tends to bear out. I've made several sweaters for myself -- two are gray, one brown, one black, one dark blue. The stranded knitting vests I've made for myself have featured brown/green and dark blue. The three sweaters I've knit for Jeff -- all shades of brown.

But, I do see some flashes of color. And when I do want something a bit brighter, I gravitate toward red. Usually a darker red, but still red. It was one of my favorite colors growing up. And, it seems I've knit a lot of pink. Looks like I've totally caved to the Traditional Gender Color Industrial Complex. I'm pretty sure that's a thing.

And, lately, it looks like I've been taking a walk on the wild side and delving into the aqueous world of teals, turquoises and blue-greens. I guess I like these, too.

So, pretty much what I expected. You can head on over to Ravelry and take a look at my projects yourself if you want to see the whole palette.

One final thing about color -- I don't think I have a good sense of it. I don't have much confidence in my ability to match, contrast or combine colors in interesting ways. I get lucky a lot, I suppose. Lately, I've been following some of the Color Scout photos that Stephen West posts at Tumblr and shares via Twitter. He has such a great eye for color, and sees interesting combinations all around him, all the time. Seeing these photos has gotten me thinking about using my surroundings as inspiration. There's a wonderful world of color out there.


  1. Knitting for other people is a good way of using colours you mightn't consider for yourself, isn't it? Until the Christmas balls I had only ever knit one red project, my friend Ruth asked for a red scarf and in exchange she gave us a wonderfully rustic red pottery bowl that we use for making bread. Then last Christmas I knitted Wayne a bright mustard yellow jumper which *gasp* I have even worn myself. In public!

  2. Steven, I think you as as bad with color like you think I am bad with words. Your colors are the colors of the Pacific Northwest forest and coast. Coincidental or elemental?

  3. well....that would be "are as bad with color..." so maybe I am bad at typing....