Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leafy Greens (and Browns, and…)

I was going to wait a bit before posting mitten progress, but I was able to get most of one mitten done in a weekend! It was so addictive, and I didn’t have much else on my plate, so I was able to just knit around and around and…

Before I knew it, I was done. I’ve made these with the cuff in the large size (only 4 more stitches in circumference) and the body in the small size (about .5 inches shorter. Not much difference, really). I’m going to start the second mitten before adding the thumbs – I still need to think through how I’m going to make the thumbs wider.

This is a beautiful design. It seems realistic and abstract at the same time. The dark background gives the impression of stained glass, especially in the pattern that runs across the palm, while the leaf pattern on back of the hands is very tapestry-like. The color scheme is more to my liking – lots of green and brown. Very October-ish. Ah, October – only a little over two weeks away. I sure hope it’s cooler than it was today. We’re still over 100 in the afternoons. But the light is starting to take on that fall-ish quality, which is one of my favorite things about this time of year.

I’m so looking forward to rain and coolish, if not downright cold, weather. In the meantime, close your eyes, relax and listen to this rendition of Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole. It helps a bit.

Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves


  1. I miss you most of all, my darling.


  2. If only there were more greys in this mitten... :)