Thursday, March 05, 2009


I've finished the Tundra Socks.

Not much to report about these. Just good, mindless (mostly) knitting -- the kind of thing I've been needing to do lately. I did my standard recipe for a sock that fits me: cast on 72 stitches, work 2x2 ribbing, work a slip-stitch heel with a 3-stitch garter border, consult the chapter on four-stitch sock patterns from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks to get the stitch counts for turning the heel and getting the gusset pickup count (still don't quite have that memorized), and then it's on to the toe, with another quick glance to remember when to stop decreasing.

I've not been knitting as much as I'd like to be the last few weeks, but these were nice to have around to pick up and work on during the odd hour here and there. Dark, calming colors, interspersed with little bits of brightness. Just what I needed.

What's next? I've got two things looming.

First of all, I need to take a repair day. I need to unweave and knot the ends on the part of the Piano Cushion I've finished so far. I need to repair the zipper on the Cobra Sweater -- the bottom end came loose the last time I wore it. And I need to stretch out the Perfectly Plain Vest to get a little more length out of it. I thought I might just take a day this weekend or next to attend to these things. I need to get that cushion finished, and if I don't attend to those sweaters now, it won't happen until it gets cold again (if that ever happens!), and then I'll be mad at myself for not having taken care of things sooner.

Secondly, I need to knit a baby blanket. Most of my friends don't have children, and those that do have quite young ones. But my roommate from college, Bob, has been a step-father for some time, and he is soon to be a step-grandfather. He's been a great role model in his step-daughter's life, and I want to make something really special for her soon-to-arrive little boy.

I'm thinking of making Staci's Renee Baby Blanket (scroll down after clicking) in a nice blue or green. What do you think? Would this be appropriate for a little bundle of boyjoy?


  1. LIKE the socks very much! I'm knitting a Schurch 6 stitch rib for Rob right now...

    I do like the renee blanket and think it would be dear for a bundle of boyjoy. Have you seen the new Twist Collective issue? They have a baby blanket that I'm smitten with, as well!-- Poffertjes at

  2. I need to knit a baby blanket, too, for a co-worker's baby girl. I like the one you link to, and the one Gretchen links to, too. I also LOVE the monkey blanket from the same issue of Twist, but it frightens me. And then there's this one

    I really need to decide - this baby is due in June!

  3. The socks look great. Good job on getting them finished.

    I like the blanket you linked to, but I think it is too much for a little boy. There are so many baby blankets out there I think you could find a better one.

    By the way, I am now in LOVE with the Felted Easter Basket that is on the website you linked to. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It amazes me how I can't predict what will really catch my eye and become my next item to obsess over.

  4. Great socks - I love the yarn and colors. And sometimes the easy patterns are the best.

    I love the baby blanket and think it would be great for a boy. Its a beautiful pattern - I was just looking for a baby blanket pattern because someone in my knitting group is pregnant - thanks!