Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Out of Towners

The baby blanket continues. This picture makes it look blurry, but look at the photograph in it's original size and you'll see it's not.

I'm enjoying it, except when I mess it up. Yesterday afternoon, I saw that one of my lines of diagonally arranged yarnovers was headed in the wrong direction. I thought I could just ladder down a series of four stitches and re-created them, but doing so involved a lot of traveling stitches and passing slipped stitches over and I got confused. Luckily, I'd thought to put in a dental floss lifelines at the end of the previous pattern repeat. With a sigh, I frogged back 6 or 7 rows.

Be advised that even though you've been thrown a lifeline, you're still likely to go through a lot of sputtering and coughing (and cursing). Although all the stitches in the row are on the floss, some of those little stitches still managed to pop their little heads down the rabbit holes in which they are nestled. Their a bear to get out. Just two of these had me in a fit for half an hour. But I got back on track and all is well. I'm nearly back to where I had been.

Today, Jeff and I went to Fredericksburg out in the Texas Hill Country. Just a little half-day trip so that we could say we went somewhere for spring break. The weather was perfect. Sure could tell that central Texas needs rain, though. Some parts of the hill country are starting to look like extensions of the Chihuahuan Desert. We took a scenic route through Willow City, and drove by Thousand Oaks Alpacas. It was kind of there and past before we knew it, so we didn't stop to nose around, but we met one of the owner's cousins in town while browsing through a shop, and she had a brochure about the place. Might be a fun thing to do with out-of-town knitting friends.

While in Fredericksburg, we ate lunch at The Peach Tree Restaurant. It's one of those "ladies who lunch" kind of places, but Jeff and fit right in. They have the most awesome quiche -- today's offering had Canadian bacon and green chillies in it. Yummy. Then we walked down to Rather Sweet Bakery and split an enormous slab of carrot cake. Awesomeness.

To top off this lovely day, we noticed that one of our Belinda's Dream Roses was blooming when we got home. there was just enough daylight left to grab a picture.

And today was the last full day of winter. Looks like it's going to be a lovely spring. If only it would rain some more...

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  1. Sounds like a nice day - the carrot cake looks so good. The picture was distracting me the whole time I was reading the post :-)

    The baby blanket is looking great - and I know just what you mean about picking up stitches froma lifeline!