Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blue Blankie

Yesterday morning I got started on the baby blanket that I mentioned in the previous post. I went by The Knitting Nest and got 7 balls of Dalegarn Baby Ull in blue. The pattern calls for eight balls, but The Nest only had 7 in stock. Having consulted the designer, I know that the 8th ball is for the fringe, and I don't care if it's a different dye lot, or maybe even another shade of blue.

This is a great pattern. It has five lace segments filled with a tidy diamond pattern, bordered by sections of seed stitch. I've gotten pretty good at reading the pattern in what I've already knit -- knowing how to intersperse the yarnovers is the main trick. I love patterns that look complicated but have a wonderful logic to them that makes them interesting without overtaxing one's brain. My brain does not need to be overtaxed these days.

I'm glad to have this project to distract me. I got back to the Piano Cushion earlier this week. I'm not sure why it's languished so long -- it just wasn't something I wanted to work on, I suppose. One evening I took it over to the piano bench to gauge my progress. It seems that I'm 2-3 inches to narrow from side-to-side. I think I may have noticed this earlier and thought that I could take care of this in the blocking. But this thing is made from linen. It won't stretch in blocking, will it? Especially sideways? I don't think so.

I'm facing the fact that I may just have to start over. I have enough yarn to do so (I think), but it's pretty demoralizing. I could get it done pretty quickly if I just knuckled down and applied myself to it, but I don't want to start over if I don't have to.

Thank goodness for the security blanket!


  1. It looks so good! Even better - it will take on a really delicate, light feeling after blocking. I'm glad you're enjoying the pattern!

  2. The blankie is beautiful. And maybe it doesn't need fringe at all.

    And could the piano bench thing be lengthened with some sort of edging or even trim? Like how my mom always threatened to put "trim" on my jeans to make them long enough...

  3. The blanket looks great so far.

    Sorry to hear about the piano bench cover. If you decide to start over, remember that it will be so worth it in the end.

  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog--what a beautiful blanket that will be. I don't think you should worry about the fringe. I never use it myself. I recently started a blog ( I'm looking forward to following yours--good luck!

  5. Or ... get a new bench? :)

    I know you, boyfriend, and you want that bench to be perfect. Can you try blocking and if that doesn't work, frog it?

  6. The blanket is so pretty - it is going to be beautiful (and thanks for the pattern link again!)

    The is really too bad about the bench cover - I think Janelle is right - try to block it first before doing anything drastic like frogging. I hope it works!