Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Wonderful feeling, wonderful day! The ZimmerZipper Cardigan sweater is officially finished. Here's a little trivia for those of you playing at home: It took me 15 days to knit this thing. It took me 90 days to figure out how to sew and cut the steek, get a zipper and install it.

You may recall my frustration at trying to get someone to put in a zipper for this sweater. I have zero (or, one might say, "zip") sewing skills. My mother was a former home economics teacher who taught me the importance of attractive plate presentation and making sure that all cookies were uniform in size. However, when it came to sewing, I didn't ask and she didn't tell.

So I ordered a custom-made zipper, which took several weeks to arrive. It got here on Friday and I started in on installing the zipper myself this weekend. Since I'm off for a bit between semesters, I've been able to devote a LOT of time to this. Lots of dark brown thread on dark brown zipper tape. I basted it twice before I got it too look pretty good. If I say so myself, and I do, it doesn't look half bad. It zips up fine and the fabric lies flat like it should. Everything is satisfactual.

I had a little problem with the bottom part of the zipper, which is kind of leathery. How are you supposed to hand sew into that? I'll ask at the knitting meetup this weekend. Thanks to all who helped me with this, especially the knitters at the meetup and my sister, Susan, for machine-sewing the steek. I couldn't have done it without you.

As I finished this afternoon, the temperature was 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Time to pack the sweater away until January...


  1. It looks FABULOUS! Good for you for learning the zipper.

  2. This sweater looks really nice. You need to move someplace cold where you can wear your sweaters all the time. I'm glad the zipper ordeal turned out all right. I still don't understand why there was so much trouble. The solution, as I told you, may be summed up in two words: Far East.

    Somebody is really skinny ....

    Uncle C

  3. Nicely done! Now, don't you feel all empowered and all? So, what's next? Cables, have we done cables yet? Maybe a nice Gansey for next winter as well.

  4. it came out great. glad you finally got through it. looks like it was worth the wait.

  5. It looks fantastic! Well done!