Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pair Some Wine With This Pair

I'm not sure what wine should be paired with Gorgonzola. Probably something sweet, which isn't the sort of thing I would usually reach for. But the Gorgonzola Socks are done. I seem to be tearing through the languishing projects this week.

This was a pattern that I took from the opening chapters of Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. The pattern called for casting on 60 stitches, resulting in a sock for a woman's size 8 foot. I knew that the number of cast on stitches had to be a multiple of four, so I cast on 76 (close to my ideal circumference of 78) and ran with it. Everything worked well, except for the special toe, which was highly prescriptive. I just did a regular flat toe and left it at that.

The Welsh heel was also interesting. It pairs decreases at either side of the center heel with decreases at either end of the row -- with a few yarnovers thrown in to keep things from shrinking too quickly. I don't know that I'd ever do this again. Because of the variegation in the yarn, the yarnover holes are all but invisible. If I could see them easily, they would drive me nuts.

So, most everything is tidily taken care of, knittingwise. I think I'm going over to Hill Country Weavers this afternoon. You know, just to look...


  1. oh, for time off between semesters!! If I'd realized you were off work, I'd have invited you to San Antonio to help me pack up my house. ;-)

  2. Ha, just to look... that's a good one. Glad you're having a fruitful intersession!