Tuesday, May 15, 2007

T-Shirts for Tortillas

The 2007 T-Shirts for Tortilla exchange is complete!

Last week, our good friends and Sharon and Janelle attended the 34th annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. They braved long lines and spent precious fiber fondling time to get us t-shirts from this year's festival. Thanks, girlfriends!

Jeff and I went to Sheep and Wool with Sharon, Janelle, Kristina and the Natter family two years ago. I had just started knitting then and found the whole thing a bit overwhelming. I can't wait until the college's academic calendar and the festival calendar align once again so we can head back. My fondest memories:

  • "Stalking" the Yarn Harlot -- which meant just getting a picture of me with her in the background -- I was too shy to try actually speaking to her.

  • Having people ask me the age of Sharon & Janelle's son (whom I was carrying around) and not knowing. The shocked looks!

  • Janelle helping me buy my first hanks of sock yarn and helping me cast on for my first pair of socks.

It was a great time and these t-shirts really make me nostalgic for that wonderful weekend.

In exchange, we send them a boxload of HEB flour tortillas. Their boys love them, and the ones they got when they were down this winter have already disappeared. For good measure, we threw in a care package of bootlegged Knitty Gritty episodes.



  1. Your shirts look GREAT! I'm so glad they fit and that you like them. I'll tell the boys that tortillas are coming soon... they will love it! Thanks again!

  2. Who are those skinny boys in the picture?

    Uncle Cliffy

  3. Owen and Eli are looking at this picture and loving it!