Sunday, February 18, 2007

90% Done

My sweater using the percentage system is almost done! Here's a picture of it off the needles. Still left to do: weave in the few ends I have, cut the steek (yikes!), block it, and take it to a tailor to get a zipper put in.

I'm thinking of using Eunny Jang's crochet method for sewing up the steek. It's something I can do without having to resort to sewing, at which I suck. I did this on the tea cozy a few months ago, and I think it worked okay. I'm still going to have to tack it down to the body of the sweater somehow, but maybe I can just baste it down. Anyone with ideas along these lines, feel free to chime in.

Here are a few detail pictures of the collar. The top one shows the whole thing spread out. I purled a row at the point where I wanted the top of the collar to be. Then, I knitted a section the same length again, and folded it back in on itself. I'll tack it down later. That way, I can have a non-ribbed collar that doesn't roll.

We'll see how it works -- and looks. The main idea I was going for here was to have a high-ish collar that didn't cling to my neck. Kind of a roomy Nehru look.


  1. Man! You are flying along on that thing. Looking good.

  2. Thanks, Ellie! I didn't know you had commented when I saw you this morning. This HAS been a lot of fun.

    Probably won't get to wear it for 10 months...

  3. It looks amazing!!! Great job!!!

  4. Thanks, Amy. Hey -- I've added your blog to my feed reader. Do you mind if I add a link to it on my blog?

  5. the sweater is looking fab! i can't wait to see it on you at the meetup.

    i know you'll be out this week but you should wear it next week even if it's hot out.