Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm working something of a split shift today because I have to talk to a class late this evening. So I had time to get a haircut and run by the house during an extra long lunch. And this was waiting for me in the mail -- all the way from London.

Moo cards. Moolicious Moo cards. Aren't they neat? They're about the size of half of a business card, printed on very sturdy card stock. They come in a neat little plastic box. And they're all pictures from my Flickr site. The other side has the address of my knitting blog. So I can include this with knitted gifts, or hand them out at the knitter's meetup, etc. Several people at the meetup had something like this, and I thought, "how cool!"

I know that at the outset, I had intended for this blog to be a way for me to track my projects -- a kind of personal thing. But at some point you have to share, right?



  1. Send me one! I want your moo card!

  2. I have been putting stuff in Flikr for the sole reason of getting Moo cards, and just haven't been happy with my sets yet, but now I REALLY want some. And I want one of yours.