Tuesday, December 19, 2006


That was fast! It's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you don't have to do things like go to work.

So I got the knitting done last night and got cracking on crocheting and cutting the steeks today. Sorry Janelle -- I couldn't wait! But, I do have enough yarn to knit another one. Maybe I could have it done by the time you get here?

I did a checkerboard steek rather than straight vertical lines. I thought it would be easier to keep my place while crocheting, and I think it worked. I used Eunny Jang's excellent instructions on how to make a crocheted steek.

After cutting, a few little strands are floating around from the edge stitches. I don't feel like I got that part quite right. I also think that I might have made one of the steeks too long. I wove the ends from the crochet yarn in, hoping that would be enough for pinning everything down. I'm still not sure. I know that steeks are really designed as a place where stitches are picked up. I don't think they're supposed to just flap there.

The cozy is blocking over the teapot right now. We'll see how it looks after that. I'll post a picture (maybe later today?) to show progress. Mmm. Tea. I think I need to run over to Central Market and get some of their apple scones!


  1. Wait! Are y'all closed this week? Because that's just not right! Oh - and lovely steeking....

  2. I know -- it's almost criminal. But I'm not going to complain. I love having the week off -- and all the knitting I can do! I'm not sure what I think about the steek -- but at least I've taken some of the scariness out of it. We'll see if it holds together...