Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Treasure Post

I received a letter in the mail his summer, which, while delivered in July, only now just made its way to me. It's wonderful beyond words and I just have to share.

I signed a short contract last academic year, and was away from work for most of July through this week. Getting back to the library after a break always involves a flurry of returning calls and going through email. It was halfway through Monday before I tackled the physical mail, and amongst the junk mail and magazines, I found a letter. A proper letter, with a stamp on it. The stamp featured a profile of Her Majesty and was postmarked Glasgow. What could it be?

An envelope of awesomeness, that's what! A Glaswegian Ravelry friend, Alison, had attended the Edinburgh Fashion Festival in July and got to meet Arne & Carlos, the Norwegian designers of the 55 Christmas Balls which I made two years ago. Alison thoughtfully printed out a photo of my completed set beforehand, and asked them to autograph it for me:

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to receive this. Alison sent it to me with a warm handwritten note. I'll treasure both, I assure you. And she was very resourceful in finding an address to mail it to. The librarian in me appreciates such skills. That someone I've never met would think of me and go out of her way to do this for me was truly touching. I will be sending her a proper thank you later, you can be sure of that.

If you want to see her great knitting (and yes, you do), Ravelers can find her under the handle banjocool on Ravelry. I especially like the small-gauge knitting she's done for Barbie and her Action Man!

Thank you so much, Alison. You really touched my heart with this gift.


  1. This is simply fabulous. The world of knitters is a small one indeed, and way more thoughtful than the world on average.

  2. That's wonderful! And I really want to knit at least a couple of those Christmas balls before Christmas....

  3. What a wonderful story!

  4. What a lovely gesture but seriously what a fabulous collection you're made! I've loved this pattern for some time but you actually did it!

    Not to minimize the thoughtfulness of the signed card but I think you deserve a note from the designer!

  5. Hi,
    Your ornaments turned out FABULOUS! Do you mind sharing what size seed beads you used?



  6. Weezie --

    I used a 6 aught (6°) or 4-4.3mm size beads. The hook I used was very tiny -- so small that I couldn’t really see the hook part without my reading glasses -- but I have no idea what size. Hope this helps!