Sunday, November 03, 2013

Willow River,Take My Mind

I started a new project this weekend -- a possible Christmas gift. It's for someone who may read my blog, so I'll try to play my cards close. This is the Willow River Shawl by Katie White, and I'm using some 80-10-10 Madeline Tosh yarn I got last week in Fort Worth in a beautiful seafoam green color called Mineral.

It's such a delight to knit with -- it just flows through my fingers. And the pattern is fun, too. I'm about halfway through the 11 32-row repeats that form the horizontal willow leaf pattern. Later, hundreds of stitches will be picked up along the part that can be seen in the right-hand part of the photo to form a vertical section with lots of short-row shaping. I'm making the long version, which I think puts this somewhere between a shawl and a scarf. A sharf? A scawl?

I also spent a part of the day removing and reattaching one of the sleeves of my Redford Sweater. I'd clearly sewn it on all cattywampus, and I could tell when wearing it that the corresponding side didn't fit right. It went fairly smoothly, if you don't count the fact that my first seam line snip was on the body of the sweater. Thank goodness for grabby Targhee-Columbia wool. I did some fixes and all is well. And it does fit better, so I'm glad I tackled it. Still, for my nerves' sake, I think the Redford Sweater and I are going to take a little time off from each other for the time being.


  1. Isn't it fun to work yarn right away that you've just bought? New project, new yarn and all the accompanying new sensations of unfamiliar charts and the tactile qualities of the new yarn and resulting fabric!

    As I slog away on my current colourless, large project, working against a deadline, its lovely to read about a colourful, new one in the works - even if it isn't on my needles!

  2. Good for you for re-teackling Radford.

    I do like a leafy motif!

  3. That's so pretty - the color is perfect for the yarn! And you're so brave to remove and re-attach that sleeve. I probably would just keep trying to move my own arm in such a way that the sleeve would fit better!

  4. I have several items of clothing that I'd love to put in a 'time out.' It looks great, though.

  5. Gasp! How brave of you to take the snips to your Radford but I'm so glad that it worked out. Much better than knowing something was not quite right. The sharf/scawl is lovely.