Sunday, November 17, 2013

Night in Tunisia

I saw a pattern for a throw the other day, and based solely on the colors, I wanted to make it. It's yarn I've worked with before, so the only thing that might pose a problem is that it's not a knitting project. It's crochet.

I'm not one of those knitters who looks down his nose at other fiber crafts. I pretty much think they're all awesome. Okay -- I'm not all that fond of macramé, but I suppose it does have a place in this world. My main issue is that I'm just not that familiar with the skills and vocabulary of crochet, despite all the crocheters in my pedigree. I've never really done a serious crochet project. But I want to make this one.

It's the Squared Away Throw by Beth Major, made with four different grayish colors, and created with th Tunisian crochet method. Staci at Very Pink has a useful tutorial on Tunisian crochet, and I found one from Webs that describes using it in an entrelac pattern. I've done a bit of practicing and swatching, and I've already learned a few things.

First, my foundation chain was way too tight. See the curviness? Yeah, that's supposed to be a straight line. The instructions suggested chaining the foundation with a hook a size or two larger. Will do. Also, I got very frustrated at not getting anywhere close to the gauge in my squares -- until I realized the measurement was diagonal. Staci helped me figure that out. I also need to just relax in general -- I hold everything way too tightly, and I'm going to be in orthopedic gloves if I don't relax my grip a bit. I realize crocheting uses a different set of muscles than knitting, but just after swatching I was close to a diagnosis of crochet tunnel syndrome.

I've ordered the yarn and eagerly await its arrival. All of this planning and thinking of Tunisian crochet has this amazing tune spinning through my head. Sarah Vaughan certainly does it justice.



  1. Between the jazz and the new craft - just because- without fear or trepidation - such an inspiring post. Why not just jump in to something totally new? I love it!

  2. I can do 'regular' crochet passably, but I've never tried Tunisian crochet. I'll have to watch Staci's tutorial. Also - I was really hoping you were going to do this blanket in Mardi Gras colors! ;-)

  3. Our tastes are SO similar it's sort of eerie! Love the symmetry and contrast. And the shawl in your previous post was, once again, made for a redhead! (:
    I broke two fingers earlier this year, so had to give up my dream of learning to knit for the time being, but crocheting might be possible. Maybe a project for a long Canadian winter.....

    Lori in PEI