Saturday, May 04, 2013


I needed a breather after last week's posting spate, but it seems I'm still fixated on one of the themes: grayness. Despite all the beautiful colors growing and blooming this time of year, my eyes are still drawn to the gray, all along the scale from white to black. If you've been watching Game of Thrones this season, you'll know that greyscale means something quite different in that world. I like our use of the word better. Poor, sweet Shireen Baratheon. But I digress...

I managed to finish the first of the Spiegel socks this week. Such a strangley interesting pattern. The pattern runs down the outside of the leg, then splits with one side twisting over the instep, pushed into position by the expanding triangular pattern on the cuff. Also, the heel is only half as high as most heels, and the turn is square rather than shaped. Turns out this suits my square heels just fine. I did have a bit of a hole on one side of the ankle, but I was able to gather it in on the inside with some careful stitch tracing and reinforcing. I've started the second sock, which I hope will progress more quickly.

Looking forward, I was able to get some of the yarn for the Grettir Sweater at Hill Country Weavers today. These are the contrasting colors used in the yoke. For left to right they are Snowbound, Cast Iron and Sweatshirt. The main color, Soot, is out of stock most places, so I may just have to wait until they go back into production next month. Grrr. I can be as grouchy as a two-year-old when I have to wait for yarn. It's not fair!

While at the shop, I perused a Shelter and Loft trunk show, with several items made from all of these wonderfully earthy shades. I imagine some of them were knit by Jared Flood himself, but I did see one green dress that a friend of mine made. It was like seeing an old friend.


  1. My current sock is using the last of my Noro stash to is as far removed from grey as you could imagine!

    Lucky you being able to buy Shelter at your LYS. I'd have to travel half way around the world, which I might have to plan on doing, right after I knit up the sweater's worth of "Faded Quilt" that I bought last time.

  2. I'm loving the colors in that sock -- and I am spoiled having Shelter & Loft available just 2.3 miles away

  3. I was close enough to BT yarn to touch it once at Purl Soho in NYC. It was the first year he launched and everywhere it famously sold out in no time so they only had a couple of skeins left and of course nothing in grey.

    Grey is the kind of colour thats wearable (knitable!) all year round and best of all shows off a knitter's work - like in that sock!