Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Twisted Pair

After doing a little bit of yard work before it got too hot today, I settled in to watch some episodes of Independent Lens that had been waiting for me and knuckle down on the Spiegel Socks that I've been knitting forever. Before I knew it, I was done. I really wanted to finish these before the summer semester started. Mission accomplished.

They fit fine and I'm pretty happy with them. There is one modification I'd make we're I to attempt these again; I would have added an inch more ribbing on the cuff before starting the Bavarian stitch motif. It turns out I had enough yarn, but I followed the pattern because I was worried about running out. They could sit just a tad higher on the leg. There was also something I didn't think was right in the pattern in the large size. I'll write about that on the Ravelry project page.

I'm not sure what to tackle next. I'm still waiting for some yarn to come in so I can start that yoked sweater for my brother. I don't want to get too involved in something else should that arrive. I might also try my hand at some crocheting with some of the yarn I got at the swap. I also have a work colleague who is expecting. I need to think about what I might make for the impending bundle of joy.

Now, I've got to go straighten up. Tomorrow, a very talented photographer and neighbor of mine is coming over to make some portraits of us and the dogs. He says he wants us to wear sweaters.

Oh, we got sweaters...


  1. Ooo! Can't wait to see the sweater pix!

    The socks turned out very well - I like.

  2. How interesting - I never understood from the earlier photos the motif crossed the foot as it does!

    Handsome indeed with the colour perfectly showing off your beautiful work!