Saturday, February 16, 2013

Second Wave

Just plugging away on the stole. I thought I'd check in, even though there's not much to report.

I have recently allayed a few fears I had about this project. One was that I would run out of yarn, but I got the 17 repeats of the main pattern on the first side, plus 2 repeats of the pattern on the second side completed with only 29g of yarn. I've still got 36g of a wound ball, plus 50g more unwound. I think I'm good there.

My other fear was that I'd made my first provisional cast on crochet chain too tight, and that it would make the stole gather in toward the middle. You can see what I mean with the pink on the leftmost section in the photo. But a few experts have assured me that if I can get those stitches back on the needle, I should be fine. In the meantime, I need to get back to knitting, and try not to think about the hundreds of stitches that will need to be picked up in the near future.

Yarn over and out.


  1. Really don't worry about that provisional cast on - you willl be fine. Next time use a crochet hook for the cast on that is a few sizes bigger than your knitting needles, it will help. The stole looks lovely - great colour. I have just started reading your blog and think it is great :-) Martine

  2. It is a great colour, and the wavy cable pattern looks wonderful in the lacy yarn. I've got a cable sweater pattern which the model is wearing in a very similar shade, blue green is probably my favourite colour.

    I spend almost every knitting project I make worrying that I'll run out of yarn and (hoping I don't jinx myself) it has never happened. With my first jumper I had almost 5 balls left over.