Thursday, August 02, 2012

Reindeer Pause

This week has been busy with genealogy projects, including photographing and adding interments at a country cemetery. But, I was also able to get through the chapter on reindeer ornaments.

I liked these designs, but as a group, I don't feel I excecuted them very well. Something about the really long floats over several rows, mixed with my lame right-handed tension, made for some puckered surfaces. I also didn't stuff these as tightly for some reason -- as if fiber fill was some sort of priceless commodity. Maybe I'm just getting sloppy as I get toward the end of this project. Must keep that in check.

First was the Reindeer Heart, a cool motif that could have gone as easily into the chapter on hearts. If you squint just right it kind of looks like a flaming Sacred Heart. Then, in a nod to non-Norwegian Christmas kitsch, a design called Rudolph. I couldn't not put a red bead on its nose, could I? I also added beads for the eyes, but the net effect was to make it look like the deer is crying -- or like it's been shot. Poor Rudolph. You deserve better.

The next one is just called Reindeer. Not much to describe, but I did like how leaving the legs on the far side of the deer detached from the body by one stitch lent a bit of three-dimensionality to the design. Not much, but it helps. And lastly, a Running Reindeer. I filled all the white stitches in the border and the three on each deer's body with crystal beads -- 60 beads in all. I think that's a record. Hope it doesn't snap off a branch.


Only 5 more balls to go!


  1. They are fabulous Steven.

  2. One of those reindeer looks a bit more like a moose! But I love all of them.

  3. Just saying "hello" from a passing by christmas balls lover. I can see you're knitting yours away. Do yo knit every single one of just a selection?
    I'm on my 30th one at the moment. :)
    Yours look great, very neat and lovely yarn x

  4. Martha --

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I'm knitting all of them, in order, beginning to end. It's the librarian in me. Aren't they fun? I'm actuallly a little sad that I'm getting toward the end...

  5. Hello again. I added you to my blog list hence I am back :)
    I do look forward to seeing more of your knitted balls :) Have you completed the whole 55 already?
    Perhaps you could knit some colour variations - and thats what I've been doing too :)
    Have you heard to Advents Calendar by Arne and Carlos? There are 24 more balls in it to knit!
    Check my post please, to find out more: